How to Order Rogers Ratchet Wrenches

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  • Select the correct power unit based on the required torque, spped and hex size - which depends on the size of the fastener to be driven. Make sure the hex size of your fastener does not exceed the maximum hex size of the power unit selected.
  • Determine the correct ratchet head for your application. Make sure the hex size of your fastener does not exceed the maximum hex size of the ratchet head selected.
  • Using the ratchet head table, determine the side plate width (A width) of the required ratchet head.
  • Use the socket tables to select the correct socket part number in the column for the corresponding side plate width.
  • To obtain the proper complete tool model number, combine the power unit model number with the ratchet head code number (do not use ratchet head part number) and then the last two digits of the socket part number. It is not necessary to specify the adapter number; the correct one will be supplied.


Power Unit: Series 7 Lever Operated Power Unit and "L" Ratio Gearing (7LLU1)

Adapter: No. K1718
Ratchet Head: 3/4" wide, standard length, straight (007)
Socket: 7/16" single hex, standard thickness (121614)
Complete Tool Model Number: 7LLU1-007-14


  • Select desired part and component as follows, based on above example
  • For power unit use entire part number 7LLU1
  • For adapter use K1718
  • For ratchet head use the part numbr (not the code) AA1216 plus the last two digits of the socket code
  • For the socket, or other individual parts, use the entire attachment number 121614

If you have any questions on how to determine the ratchet wrench/parts for your needs, please contact us by e-mail or call 248.673.9878.